I like to read, and during my last pastorate, my personal library had grown to more than 4,000 volumes. When the Lord directed us to move to Moscow, Russia I was forced to leave those books behind. That’s when I began a search to obtain as many books and bible related texts in electronic format. Since then, I’ve used, at one time or another, every available Bible software package.

In my opinion, for serious study the best available is LOGOS Bible Software. For free resources, and quite a few of them, you cannot get anything better than E-sword.

For the sheer size of content, I also recommend Sage Digital Library. I also use Sage on my PocketPC, as I can copy a particular book to my handheld or mobile phone and read it on the go.

For the PocketPC or Windows Mobile Smartphones, be sure to download Pocket e-Sword and Laridian.

At this point, my electronic library is well over 5,000 books — many of them nearly impossible to obtain in print — and with the added benefit that they are fully searchable.

One tip that some are not aware of: the newer computer operating systems — Vista and Leopard, for example — index all the files on your hard drive. Any books in text or PDF format are now available to be searched from within the operating system itself.