When Russia invaded Georgia, they knew the main consequence would be financial — that they would greatly jeopardize if not entirely forfeit their place in the world economy. European and American investment in Moscow has become a greater risk and will certainly decline. What will follow?

What would justify such a cost to Russia as a whole? Unless that “cost” is in the end a benefit. Was it their purpose to close the door and increase their internal economies? Do they see the future as a world within a world, or at least within their own border? Is that what motivates the need to extend those borders as far as possible?

They suffered a banking and economic collapse in 1993 and again in 1998. Although reports have shown their economy booming (that boom being from the price of oil) what results have been seen on a short drive outside of Moscow? The majority of the country is in economic despair, the middle class has not grown, and the price of housing is nearly impossible for the average family.

At what point, when the ship begins to sink, does the Captain decide it is advantageous to throw out the cargo? That was the point when they decided to invade Georgia, hoping to drive the price of oil higher as well as extend their borders.