Here’s a great report from Karen Zelfimyan, Armada’s Ukraine Director,

Hello everyone !

I just couldn’t hold this testimony of todays trip to village called Shampoly! We went there today to conduct a out reach meeting in order to plant a church in that small village! Not very many people showed up for our meeting, but out of 9 who came 6 folks gave their hearts to Jesus, one’s mans eye were healed, he couldn’t see at all with that one eye, now he sees.

That is so great to stand there and realize that Jesus would never pass a single person in every village on this planet earth and as I was ministering to those people, forgotten by our government, forsaken there by our economy, basically left on their own to survive, most of them in alcohol addiction and here Lord send us to tell them, that He needs them and He cares when no one else does!

So please pray for that new village church, they need our prayers! also my prayer request for today is that we desperately need van and sound equipment to reach more and further!


Karen Zelfimyan