Dear friends

Greetings! These are exciting times despite the worst Satan can do, The Lord is pouring out his latter rain upon us here in Sri Lanka. The Kingdom of God is upon us, the power of the age to come is breaking into our World on earth. I want share with you some of the highlights of Pastor Dale Armstrong’s visit to Sri Lanka. We will never be the same after his visit with us to the Good news Central Church in Kandy.

Many people ask how I can have success in the ministry, How to be prepared, and how to do it. Pastor dale from Lancaster, PA spoke deeply into the hearts of my leaders and the congregation and made a lasting deposit into their ministries and answered many questions they had. How we thank God for the Anointed weekend we had with Pastor Dale.

Sister Sriyalatha a senior worker at the church for 28 years testified, God spoke to her through Pastor Dales’ message on the importance of submission. She said God gave her a deep understanding of how to submit and through that she will go beyond growth into experiencing increase in her life and ministry.

Pastor Alexander testified how God helped him understand the ministry of Jesus and how he increased in every area through submission to Authority. This message ignited a new Passion within him to raise up the next Generation of young leaders to submit with accuracy.

Pastor George Jacob testified that through Pastor Dales’ message; it reminded him the days of how his father in law thought him submission which has helped him in his ministry for the last twenty five years. God began to speak to him in a new way through this powerful message.

Sister Danam testified through Pastor Dale’s message on how to be led by the spirit; her life was spared. She said the next day she was going to cut wood and the Lord told her to pick up the wood slowly. Usually she is in a tremendous rush to pick up the wood and cut it. On this occasion she was reminded about the message of Pastor Dale and she obeyed Gods’ voice, little that she knew that a snake was underneath the wood. Her life was saved by the timely message.

Pastor Himan testifies that after the visit of Pastor Dale he felt a new anointing to reach more souls and a mandate for missions.

I am so thankful to God for his timely blessings which I call his suddenlies which has taken us from Glory to Glory. Both my wife and I and my parents really had a fantastic time with Pastor Dale and his son Ethan who was just so much fun to be with. The day before Pastor Dale left back to the US he asked my wife and I to stay at the hotel where he was staying in Colombo. What an amazing blessing it turned out to be, the next day when I woke up the Tangible Glory of Gods’ presence was so heavy in our room. I started to cry as I felt such a release from heaven rekindling and reviving my spirit. God spoke to me a powerful word for our future which literally ignited a new fire within me. This was the turning point in our ministry and our lives it’s never been the same since then. God has been giving us breakthrough after breakthrough; I call it the anointing and the blessing which comes from association.

We thank you with all our hearts for faithfully loving us from a distance. We thank Pastor Dale who visited us here in Sri Lanka. We treassure the prospect of seeing you again back in your home land soon.

May Jesus bind us together in his service

Pradeep and Jeevani Perera