Greetings to you everyone!

Well it is my pleasure to write this good news report and share with all of you about the wonderful things we experienced in our trip to Moldova last week end. We went to the north west of Moldova in to the town called Falesti, it is a small town with 15.000 people living there.

During the day time we had powerful time of training and ministry for the local buddy of Christ, pastors and leaders who also came in from several different villages, I was honored to minister there a long with pastor Vitaliy from our church in Odessa. Indeed it was great time of impartation and equipping of those people, whom I can without any shadow of doubt call heroes, because of the hard and poor conditions they serve the Lord in those villages.

Saturday night and Sunday night we conducted two out reaches in different villages, one of them is Grudno, people in that village literally dying  of alcohol abuse, children and teenagers of that village left on their own, because most of their parents are gone or left for other cities to find jobs, some of the those kids by the age 13 -15 can’t even read, most of the girls from age of 12 and higher already have been sexually abused, I mean horrible situations, some of the stories we heard, simply shook us and I don’t even want to mention them in this letter.

There is a family from the church in Falesti who left their town and moved in that village, when they recognized the need to serve and save the children of that village, and so we went there and in their house we had a out reach meeting, where 3 people were born again, two received instant healing of their buddies. Praise the Lord ! we were not able to conduct public evangelism in that particular village because of the strong orthodox opposition. Please pray for Grudno and Tolik and Nina the pastors who moved there to serve those people.

Sunday night we went to a village called Saharzavod, were there is also a group of believers from the Falesti church has started a home church and in that village God opened doors for us to preach the Gospel on the main street of that village, where people could hear us and we had 3 adults and 5 children giving their hearts to Jesus. Local mafia guys came to us after the meeting and wanted to talk to me and other brothers, we end up praying for them and one of their big guys excepted Christ in his life, as you would be able to see on the photos.

This only short version of what the Lord has been doing during those three day as we were there, Moldova villages are in desperate situations, lack of leaders, poverty, huge percentage of unemployment and because of that many people leaving to work in Russia, Italy and other places, but their children are staying In those villages, basically on their own.

I deeply feel that we as a church, we have to do something about it, for example helping local churches to equip missionaries, financial participation of course needed very strongly in various arias in order to reach people and lead them out of darkness in to the light of our Savior!

Thank you all the Armada team and pastor Dale Armstrong for being obedient unto the Lord and supporting this trip with you prayers and finances!

Armada  Ukraine,
Karen Zelfimyan