1. The Disciple’s Fast — fasting for freedom from addiction (see Matt. 17:20,21). If we fast, we can break the besetting sins that limit a life of freedom in Christ.
  1. The Ezra Fast — fasting to solve problems (see Ezra 8:21-23). If we fast for a specific purpose, we may solve a debilitating problem.
  1. The Samuel Fast — fasting to win people to Christ (see 1 Samuel 7:1-8). If we fast and pray for revival, God will pour Himself on His people.
  1. The Elijah Fast — fasting to break crippling fears and other mental problems (see 1 Kings 19:2-18). Through fasting, God will show us how to overcome negative emotional and personal habits.
  1. The Widow’s Fast — fasting to provide for the needy (see 1 Kings 17:12). When we sacrifice our own physical needs, God enables us to focus on and provide for the needs of others.
  1. The Saint Paul Fast — fasting for insight and decision making (see Acts 9:9-19). If we fast to subject our will to God’s, He will reveal His will to us.
  1. The Daniel Fast — fasting for health and physical healing (see Daniel 1:12-20). When we fast for physical well being, God will touch our bodies and enrich our souls.
  1. The John the Baptist Fast — fasting for an influential testimony (see Matthew 3:4; Luke1: 15). If we fast for the influence of our testimonies, God will use us.
  1. The Esther Fast — fasting for protection from the evil one (see Esther 4:16). If we fast for protection and deliverance from Satan, God will deliver us from evil.