Since the beginning of 2014, the Lord has been leading Armada through clear steps of change. An understanding of God’s direction helps us align our hearts, and thereby our praying, to see God’s will performed.

The first step which the Lord directed was to lay down the duties of the local pastor — and we installed Sydney Ropp as Senior Pastor of Lancaster Church of the Word in June of this year.  Sydney’s faithfulness and the Church family receiving his leadership has enabled the will of God to bring us further into His plan.

Second, I took a stronger role in the work of the Kingdom in Ukraine, and Armada is focusing most of our attention on Ukraine as a ministry wide project. I was asked by Sam Rohrer to take a board position on the Pennsylvania Pastor’s Network, and have been made the International Project Director for the American Pastor’s Network.  Sam and I have discussed at length the cooperation this requires as I lead Armada and at the same time represent the American Pastor’s Network.

Third, I’ve asked Pastor Bill Hake to take a stronger leadership role in Armada and give pastoral care to each of our ministry members.  We are more than 60 strong now, and the pastoral care of ministers are unique and demanding.  I appreciate Bill’s heart and readiness to serve in this area.

Fourth, with the demands of travel and a season of life for us to share valuable time with Teri’s parents, we have relocated to Titusville, Pennsylvania for approximately one year.  We have leased our home in Lancaster with plans to return.  You can’t separate a grandma and grandpa from their grand babies for very long!

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Please keep me covered in prayer. War hangs on the horizon. Your part in this ministry has never been more crucial nor more appreciated.

Teri and I love you so much, and we are praying for you!

Jesus is Lord!

Dale Armstrong