The predicament we are in today is the result of a clash between cultures. It’s more than geography and politics. Until we see this we will forever address the symptoms, and never get one step closer to a cure. This clash of culture is East and West, and we are as far apart as East and West can possibly be. Differences that are essential to nature cannot be compromised, or mixed, only suppressed. That’s why old problems have arisen again. What’s been suppressed for years is now poring out into the mainstream, and because it has been suppressed so well, the one from the other, the common Western man cannot understand the Eastern mind, and the Eastern man cannot relate to the Western mind.

We know the first step is always understanding. But that goes beyond the scope of this article, and encompasses books, and universities and the experiences of life.

Yet the final step to grasp with your understanding is the incompatibility of the two cultures. It’s the most difficult reality to accept because it’s the most distasteful to a positive mind. One never wants to believe the negative inevitable. These two, East and West, cannot both exist simultaneously, in time or in place. One must always conquer the other. One will always displace the other. There is an ebb and flow, the tide of nations.

Economies and geo-political positions are only the symptoms of that changing tide.  In history, the greatest wars, the greatest battles, the greatest leaders have ridden the crest of the waves. The vanquished have washed up on the shore of their culture, amid the rubble and ruin of their empires.

What brought victory on Maidan will always win because you cannot resist the tide. When we analyze the past events that capsized the former Ukrainian government and drove Yanukovich to Russia, we can find a thousand reasons why it should not have happened, and a thousand reasons why something far different could or should have happened. But it did happen.

These events can be countered, the leaders eliminated, Hell spew out more bloodshed and death; but the damage is done. There is a tear in the old culture — a culture of corruption — and the garment is ruined. It will never be worn again by the Ukrainian people.

The turning of the tide lies before them. The momentum of the moment will determine how far it will go, how wide the damage of differences, and how great an inroad the one culture will make into the other.

Russia stands perilously close to being swallowed up in the swell, overcome by this changing tide, evidenced by the need of an immense propaganda machine churning out lie after lie, battling the tide, but like every lie impotent in the face of the truth.  All that is required is a groundswell of truth and conviction and the entire Russian culture will fall into the stream of freedom and liberty and personal responsibility that is rising up and pouring forth from Maidan.

That statement may raise more than one or two eyebrows. I don’t claim to speak prophetic words about the times, but the times themselves are speaking to anyone who will listen. Russia claims American support and sponsorship to what occurred on Maidan because the intrinsic cause and the consequent results are all easily described as American. It looks American. It breathes liberty.

On Maidan Ukraine experienced what Adams and Jefferson and Washington experienced when the changing tide threw off the tyranny of a King. All of that and more happened on Maidan without any need for one dime of American support.

Sadly, Maidan cannot be called American for more sober reasons: first, because America is suffering her own tide, her own decline; and second, in this decline America has defaulted on her promises.

Ukraine will find a way to stand alone. The wisest navigation will bring one to your destination in the shortest amount of time. The tide has turned and places all advantage into the hands of a weak and fledgling government. Watch the tide rise with new elections and new and greater hopes. Watch every shot fired by Russia bring greater resolve to her enemies until Russia is overwhelmed and swept away.

There is a leak in the dam wall, and Russia sees it and feels it, but Russia is trying to fix the problem by removing the dam. The force and the weight of a new culture is behind it, and it’s going to spread. The Western man and his narrow mind cannot grasp the why behind Putin’s actions. His actions and reactions lack sense. Is he trying to rebuild the fallen Soviet empire? They try to paint a picture of geo-political reasoning because they cannot feel the invasion of culture that Putin perceives. For him it’s obvious.

The end is upon him.