To re-incorporate and register 10,000 or more Ukrainian churches by December 31 so that they will comply with a new Ukrainian law, and thereby prevent possible seizure of church assets.


  • We have created the Christian Legal Center (CLC) to re-register churches at 10% of the normal legal cost.
  • We plan to use many of the 250 members of the Christian Legal Society to staff the CLC.
  • Market the CLC quickly through existing contacts with church unions and 7,000 churches.
  • The CLC will be sustainable by providing beneficial services for an annual membership fee.
  • The database of church contacts will be extremely useful for surveys and other projects.


  • An estimated 34,000 churches and 275,000 NGOs need to register.
  • This is not persecution, but needed reform, as many churches are not properly registered.
  • On September 16, the Ukrainian Tax Office is notifying churches to re-register..
  • The general thought is that the churches will “panic”, but with CLC they will have “relief”.
  • No other organization is preparing to provide this service to churches.
  • The first priority is the churches. All 275,000 NGOs must be registered. They could pay full rate.

Christian Legal Center staff
CLC Office


  • Two church unions with about 9,000 member churches are on board.
  • An office for the CLC has been rented and 3 lawyers hired.
  • $7,500 has been donated as an initial contribution.


  • Each church paying 10,000 Hryvnia ($40) will cover a year operations.
  • One lawyer can process 200 churches per month, so up to 18 will be needed.
  • Donations are needed to cover a cash deficit of $50,000 until the clients begin paying.

We are asking for one-time donations to cover the initial setup and operating costs.  These donations will allow us to provide quality required legal services to Ukrainian churches at a fraction of the normal cost, and protect the churches from their assets being confiscated. Furthermore, this will be the foundation of a sustainable organization.

Please consider helping us today!