On January 2nd, 2014 the Lord spoke to me about change coming. He told me I would be traveling more than ever before, and to keep my bag’s packed.  He said I would visit places where I had not been for a long time, and places where I had never been. As confirmation, that same day I received an invitation to minister in four nations: two old, and two new.

He also told me that a fire was coming to Ukraine, and that it would purge the Church.  All of the wood, hay and stubble would be burned away, and all that would remain would be gold, silver and precious stones.

I entered Russia in early March of the same year, and was pressed in my spirit praying for the nation. A few days later, I was in Donetsk, Ukraine: the epi-center of events that would catch the attention of the entire world.  Then, through vision and the word of the Lord, I was led to Kiev to seek a meeting with the interim-President.

Leadership Summit. 

Nearly a hundred political leaders, journalists, and pastors gathered around the theme of how to rebuild a nation based on a Biblical worldview. The echo of that Summit still resonates.

Now Teri and I are stepping through doors we had never imagined.  The time, effort and sacrifice have been significant – whenever God moves there are people willing to move with Him no matter the cost. Those of the same heart and mind gather together to get the job done. I believe that’s why you are reading this brochure.

I am asking you to partner with us and take your place in changing nations. As I‘ve shared with Senators and Congressmen, with spiritual leaders of nations, with generals and spies, I’ve sensed the greatest authority and anointing than ever on my life.  In turn, I feel necessity to boldly declare what God is doing in our generation and through Armada.  We are living and ministering in an important moment of history.