Spiritual Life Courses:

Prayer Life, Living by Faith, Grace and Righteousness, Spiritual Growth, Praise and Worship, Prosperity, Marriage and Parenting, Church Life and History

The Work of Christ:

Redemptive Work of Christ, Christ the Healer, Christ Our Deliverer, Jesus Our High Priest, Jesus and His Disciples

The Holy Spirit Course:

The Work of the Spirit, The Gifts of the Spirit, Being Led by the Spirit, The Fruit of the Spirit

Knowing God Course:

The Character of God, Foundations of Theology, The Word of God, The Authority of God, The Calling and Anointing

The Leadership Course:

The Life of a Leader, The Integrity of a Leader, The Making of a Leader, The Principles of a Leader

The Ministry Course:

Missions, Apostolic Ministry, Prophetic Ministry, Evangelistic Ministry, Pastoring, The Art of Preaching and Teaching, Church Administration, The Ministry of Helps, Excellence of Ministry

Bible Survey Course:

Genesis Israel—from Egypt to the Promised Land, The Kings of Israel, The Book of Isaiah, The Prophets of Israel and Judah, Israel in Captivity and their Return, Christ Revealed in the Gospel of John, Jesus’ Final Week, The Apostolic Letters

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