The Armada Commission  has been birthed out of a heart to see men and women fulfill their destiny. It is our intent to train believers for active ministry, assisting them in the steps necessary to discover and enter into their calling. In this light, the student does not graduate, he or she is commissioned into active ministry.

This year’s resident faculty includes Pastor Bill Hake, serving as Dean; Dale Armstrong, Karen Burrows, Robert Hawk, David Landis, Pat Murphy, and LaVere Soper as instructors. Together, we purpose to sow our lives, our experience, and anointing into raising up a strong generation of laborers for an end-time harvest.

It is my delight to invite you to consider application to the Armada Commission for the Fall of 2016. If you have been struggling with fulfilling the call of God upon your life, you have before you a wonderful opportunity.

No cost is too great to obey God, and the preparation required for effective ministry is demanding. I believe you can rise to the challenge, and I have been praying that you will take your place in the Kingdom of God.

For more information, contact Dean Bill Hake at +1 (717) 659-7060 or email billh@armadanetwork.org