Armada Leadership


There are five organizational bodies relating to Armada:

  1. Church of the Word International, Inc.
  2. the Presbytery,
  3. the Executive Team,
  4. Country Directors, and
  5. Pastors of CWI Churches.

Church of the Word International, Inc.

  1. Church of the Word International is a non-profit 501(C)3 corporation formed in the State of Pennsylvania in 1987.
  2. Church of the Word International, Inc., holds a letter of exemption from the IRS.
  3. Church of the Word International, Inc. is governed by the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.
  4. Armada is a fictitious name registered with the State of Pennsylvania, and functions entirely under the corporate umbrella of Church of the Word International, Inc.
  5. Currently nine Trustees serve on the corporate board:
    1. Dale Armstrong, President.
    2. Teri Armstrong, Vice President.
    3. Matthew Allender, Secretary.
    4. Neal Bratschun, Treasurer.
    5. Pat Murphy, Assistant Treasurer.
    6. Kelly Burrows, Administrator of the Leadership Training School
    7. Bill Hake, Dean of the Armada Commission
    8. Sydney Ropp, Pastor of Lancaster Church of the Word
    9. Jay Stoltzfus, Pastor of Olathe Church of the Word


The Presbytery

  1. The members of the Presbytery shall serve for two years and may be nominated and elected without a limit of term.
  2. The office of Director ex officio sits en perpetuity, and serves as Chairman.
  3. Terms of Service.
  4. How are they elected or appointed?
    1. The standing Presbytery may nominate any new candidate when convened.
    2. Upon a review by the Presbytery, and an approval of the Director, the candidate being nominated is elected or rejected by a majority vote.
  5. How many serve?
    1. A minimum of three are required to convene the Presbytery.
    2. The Presbytery determines how many sit at any given time as the needs and conditions allow.
  6. When do they meet?
    1. The Presbytery convenes annually at the Landmark.
    2. On the first Thursday after Labor Day (September) the Presbytery will convene to interview ordination candidates.
    3. The Presbytery may hold as few or as many additional meetings as required.
  7. What are the requirements to sit on the Presbytery?
    1. The office of Director ex officio must be a Trustee of Church of the Word International in good standing.
    2. An Armada member in good standing.
    3. Has served as an ordained and active minister of the Gospel for at least FIFTEEN years. NOT A NOVICE.
    4. Possesses an approved statement of faith as examined by the Director and the current Presbytery. PROTECT THE CORE VALUES.
    5. Maintains a passionate commitment and representation of the vision of Armada. CAPABLE TO LEAD.
    6. Demonstrates a life of righteousness, moral integrity and ethic. HOLY EXAMPLES.
  8. Purpose.
    1. To hold the Armada as a whole, and her members individually, accountable to Scriptural truth.
    2. To ordain ministers of Armada, or grant letters of commission to the graduates of Armada Commission.
    3. To review, interview and discipline those so ordained or commissioned.
    4. To revoke the ordination or commission of any who display a breach of trust or misconduct.
    5. To remove from office any Trustee of Church of the Word International, Inc. who display a breach of trust or misconduct.
    6. To oversee the restoration of those so revoked, being authorized to use the full resource of Armada for the care of her members.
    7. To provide the appointment of a new Director under such cases as may be necessary, the nominee for Director being presented as a nomination for Trustee of Church of the Word International.
  9. Currently, the following serve on the Presbytery.
    1. Dale Armstrong
    2. Bill Hake
    3. Robert Hawk
    4. David Landis
  10. Functions and procedures.
    1. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Presbytery in all cases where they are applicable and where they are not inconsistent with the bylaws of Church of the Word International, Inc., and the standing rules of the Armada.

The Executive Team

  1. The executive team serves the Director, and assists with the management of Armada, being the administrative staff and office.
  2. Those who serve on the Executive Team do so at the discretion of the Director.

Country Director

  1. Currently, there are two Country Directors:
    1. Position pending, Ukraine
    2. Israel Jebaraj, India.
  2. Responsibilities.
    1. Reports solely to the Director
    2. Develops relationships within the nation on behalf of Armada.
    3. Represents Armada’s vision and ministerial ethics to the nation.
    4. Serves as a liaison between the nation and the Armada Director.
    5. Oversee all nation based Armada projects.
    6. Assist international Armada members in their ministry to the USA.
  3. Functions.
    1. Establish a functional administrative office.
    2. Recruit, train and employ key personnel: interpreters, administrators, secretaries, graphic artists, web design, etc.
    3. Research, create and maintain a current database of ways and means within the nation: travel, lodging, communication systems, printing, advertising, legal systems, and contingency plans.
    4. Provide host services for ministers arriving on behalf of Armada.


Pastors of CWI Churches

  1. Sydney Ropp – Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  2. Jay Stoltzfus – Olathe, Colorado