A School of Ministry Preparation

We exist to train and send our students to obey and fulfill the command of Jesus — making disciples of all nations. We are committed to exalting Jesus Christ as Lord and to build His Church. The Armada Commission is based on excellence of ministry, integrity in leadership, and quality teaching and preaching of God’s Word.

Our strategy is to provide:

  • Dynamic teaching to bring the knowledge of God and His Word, understanding how to walk in the spirit, and how to find wisdom for ministry.
  • Multiple mentoring relationships.
  • In-depth ministry and missions experience.
  • Ongoing relationships to assist you in ministry, providing counsel and encouragement through the faculty and our ministerial fellowship (the Armada Network).
  • Ordination with accountability upon meeting the established criteria.

Each of our faculty have been in ministry over twenty five years, and are experienced in church planting, pastoring, missions, and teaching in Bible schools and pastor’s conferences worldwide.

For more information, contact Dean Bill Hake at +1 (717) 659-7060 or email billh@armadanetwork.org