Four daily classes will be held Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 am to 12:15 pm. Classes begin on August 29, 2016 and will conclude on June 23, 2017. Students will have lunch and fellowship each day, (11:00-11:30) interacting with faculty and developing strong interpersonal relationships.

The students will read more than forty books, classics of Biblical knowledge. Valuable truths will be received through reading and meditation, with an emphasis on developing the personal study habits of a life long learner.

We will work with the student to develop their teaching and preaching gifts. Assigned topics will be given to prepare sermons and develop delivery skills.

The class will take a missions trip to Guatemala with qualified instructors. Supernatural fires will be lit for the student to receive a burning world vision! This will be an invaluable life changing experience as you participate in active ministry. The student will have hands-on training in various facets of ministry. It is important to develop the heart of a servant as well as understand the inner working of ministry.

Class size will be kept small to help facilitate interaction and provide the personal mentoring and relationship building that one needs to excel.

For more information, contact Dean Bill Hake at +1 (717) 659-7060 or email